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Share your experiences with Chronic Pain!

Share your story of chronic pain - SlayingFibro.comWhen we first begin living with chronic pain, it feels like it will never end.

Most of feel alone. We can also have confusion, anger, depression. But we are lucky to have a community that helps lift us up on the days that our pain keeps us down.

Very soon I’ll be working on a writing project that will help share our experiences with chronic pain with others to show those new to the chronic life that they are not alone. I hope it to also be a helpful explanation to those that we love what life with chronic pain is life.

Your chronic pain story can help others!

Just fill out the form below to be a part of the project. Don’t worry. All responses are sent privately to me through Google Forms.

I’ve included the details below, but here are the highlights:

  • You share your experiences.
  • I may use them in my writing project. If I do, I’ll email you!
  • If I use your experiences in my book, you’ll get a copy for free!

Thanks for paying it forward by sharing your experience. Those searching for it will be blessed.

Gentle Hugs,