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Self Care is Normal, Without the Guilt

Self care activities seem to bring about a great amount of guilt.

Most of the chronic illness slayers that I know IRL (in real life) and virtually have a problem taking taking a day to read a good book or asking someone to help style their hair in a different way when our arms hurt too much to do it. But why?

Shouldn’t we, of all people, be given a pass on the guilt?

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What is “self care”?

Think of the things that we do to lower our stress and take care of our mind, body, and soul? That’s self care.

Self care activities are the small, daily things that we do to keep ourselves healthy outside of what is required for our illness(es). And, they are normal to do. It can be painting your nails or going out for a manicure, or getting dressed every day – even if that means a clean set of pajamas. It’s going outside to catch a little bit of the sun that hasn’t been around for a while.

Taking care of yourself should not be optional. Let me help by giving you my best tips and ideas in my eBook Self Care 10 Ways (When You Just Feel Like Lying in Bed)for FREE. Download it here.

Chronic illness robs us of so much.

We spend more time in bed recovering from flares and related symptoms of our illnesses and conditions than many others in our general age range – whatever that age range may be. Our energy levels can drop quickly making the times we spend active shorter than we’d like. Doctors, pills, and medical tests fill our schedules.

So, why do we let it also take something as necessary as self care?

Sometimes nothing is more important yet we let it go based on some silly notion that we shouldn’t take time for the enjoyable things. Or, perhaps we just don’t have the energy but don’t want to ask for help. But they are still normal to do. So we need to do them.

Without guilt.

Get rid of the guilt.

Feeling guilty about spending time on these activities is normal. But, that doesn’t mean that it is healthy. If we didn’t have the litany of appointments and alterations in our lives, would we carry guilt around? I doubt it. We need to re-frame it.

Self care is normal. Self care is necessary. We shouldn’t feel guilty about normal and necessary things, especially if they make our lives better.

Start challenging that guilt now. We don’t have to be held by it. We deserve to take the time to do the things that make us feel good, if not even more because of the pain we live with every day.

Decide today that you’re going to take steps forward to your own self care. You are worth it, and you deserve it. You rock.

Let me help.

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Taking care of yourself is not optional.

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Slaying your dragon (aka your pain) takes a lot out of you. Those of us with chronic illness really need time to heal and care of not just our bodies but our mind and soul as well. Let me help by giving you my best tips and ideas in my eBook Self Care 10 Ways (When You Just Feel Like Lying in Bed)for FREE.