Slaying Fibro & Other Invisible Illnesses

Encouragement, Tips, and Ideas from One Slayer to Another

Taking care of yourself is not optional.

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Slaying your dragon (aka your pain) takes a lot out of you. Those of us with chronic illness really need time to heal and care of not just our bodies but our mind and soul as well. Let me help by giving you my best tips and ideas in my eBook Self Care 10 Ways (When You Just Feel Like Lying in Bed)for FREE.

Be Your Own Health Advocate (aka BAD ASS Unicorn)

Be Your Own Health Advocate aka Bad Ass Unicorn -

Everyone needs a pep talk now and again, especially those of us living with a chronic illness or chronic pain. We should all hope to have an advocate among our family or friends, but the fact remains: You are your best health advocate.

Washing Your Hair: You might be a #fibroslayer if…

Washing Your Hair: You know you're a #fibroslayer if...

You might be a #fibroslayer if… washing your hair is based on how high you can raise your arms.

Your Voice is Needed: Share your fibromyalgia experience

Share your fibromyalgia experiences -

I remember when I was trying to get my diagnosis of fibromyalgia. It felt like I was climbing up a mountain carrying twice the weight I should, all in a deep fog that kept me disoriented and confused. What I would have given to hear the experiences of others. Hearing the experiences of others fibro slayers is sometimes what we need to get through the pain of a flare up. And now you can help me do just that.

Slaying the Beast

Pain stinks. When it is chronic, it can take away your energy and your humor. If you’re not careful, it can change who you are. You can become bitter or angry. Life can lose its glow.

Q: Where did that pain come from? A: Because Fibro

I’ve learned something. At times we #fibroslayers have amazing powers of pain. Our bodies can make it come and go like magic. Why? Because fibro.

Researching a Raw Diet

Fibromyalgia is affected by many things. Stress. Sleep patterns. The weather. But what about diets – specifically eating a raw diet?

Be Deliberate

Be Deliberate.

Let’s face it. There’s only so much energy stored up in the body of a #fibroslayer. During the holidays and other times of celebration, it’s easy to get ourselves to the point where we deplete our energy reserves. But there is something you can do.