Slaying Fibro & Other Invisible Illnesses

Encouragement, Tips, and Ideas from One Slayer to Another

Taking care of yourself is not optional.

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Slaying your dragon (aka your pain) takes a lot out of you. Those of us with chronic illness really need time to heal and care of not just our bodies but our mind and soul as well. Let me help by giving you my best tips and ideas in my eBook Self Care 10 Ways (When You Just Feel Like Lying in Bed)for FREE.

Hiding Chronic Illness (from Yourself)

Hiding Chronic Illness from Yourself

As spoonies, we often spend too much time hiding our chronic illness even from ourselves. The truth is we need others. Stop hiding and reach out to others.

Forgiving Yourself for Chronic Illness

When we live with chronic illness, sometimes we need to stop for our health. How good are you at forgiving yourself for it when it happens?

Hacking New Habits with a Chronic Illness

Hack Your Habits -

Often times our abandonment of goals is because we choose to work on something that’s too big in scope. We get worn out or overwhelmed quickly. It’s even harder for those of us with a chronic illness, especially if we are in a flare. We have brain fog to deal with, pain that sidelines us, and far too many other symptoms to list. Overwhelm isn’t something we have the space for in our lives. But, what if I told you we have a hack for that?

What’s a “Spoonie”?

What's a Spoonie?

If you are new to chronic illness – whether for yourself or because of a loved one – you’ll notice that we use a completely different language when talking about our lives. It isn’t just the medical terminology that surrounds us. We have our own way of describing our lives.

Blankets: You might be a #fibroslayer if…

You might be a #fibroslayer if you have multiple blankets...

You might be a #fibroslayer if… you have multiple blankets for every kind of weather.

When Agoraphobia Attacks: My Story, Part Two

On the surface, agoraphobia seems exotic – like something you only hear about on television documentaries or in relation to a long-reclusive aging personality in gossip columns. Don’t let it fool you. It loves the little guys like us, too.

10 Tips for Self Care During the Holidays

10 Tips for Self Care During the Holidays

When you have a chronic illness or deal with chronic pain, the holidays can take a big toll on our energy reserves. It’s even more important than normal to make sure you give yourself time for some self care.

Massages: You might be a #fibroslayer if…

You might be a #fibroslayer if... you need massages

You might be a #fibroslayer if… Your muscles need a massage but your skin just can’t take the pressure.

When Anxiety and Panic Strike – My Story, Part One

When Anxiety and Panic Strike: My story part one

The thing about anxiety is it can come on when you least expect it. It’s like a stealthy ninja fighting with tools like panic attacks and self doubt. Shiny symptoms fly out of nowhere giving you no option but to retreat. Until you get treatment. Then you start fighting back.

Self Care is Normal, Without the Guilt

Get Self Care 10 Ways for Free! -

Self care activities seem to bring about a great amount of guilt. Most of the chronic illness slayers that I know IRL (in real life) and virtually have a problem taking taking a day to read a good book or asking someone to help style their hair in a different way when our arms hurt too much to do it. But why?